Daily Homework


Thursday, Nov 15:  Read for 15 min. (some have fluency practice)
                                1 side of Math paper (if there's no school, do the back)
                                Many kids did the rough draft, revising & final copy.
                                Some didn't.  Final copy due Monday after Turkey break.
                                W.R. due Tuesday, the questions are  optional
                                 *Did you turn in the page for Jadden?
                                 *sneakers for gym
                                 *important notice for quarter auction

                                 *$2.00 if possible for our peach project

Wednesday, Nov 14: Read for 15 min. - new fluency paper due Monday 11/19
                                  1 Math paper (2 sided)
                                  *1 animal report, final copy is due Monday 11/19
                                  *food drive*
                                  *Jadden's page is due by Friday
                                  *stmath and mult. facts when you can

 Tuesday, Nov 13:  1 Math paper (2 sided)
                              Study for the vocabulary test - this counts for reading time
                              (15 min.)
                             **food drive - canned and boxed food***
                             *library books*
                             *bring in animal report papers & book - we'll work on it in class
                             *Jadden's page is due by Friday
                             :) stmath and learn the mult. facts when you can