Daily Homework

Friday, May 25:  Read for 30 min., Science Spin on Wed.
                            stmath when you can
                            When you can, work on your state project
                            *Make sure you bring state book and mythology book                 
                              back to school every day
                            *library books

 Thusday, May 23:  Read Greek Mythology packet for at least 15 min.
                                Study map #9
                                stmath when you can
                                *sneakers for track

 Wednesday, May 22:  Read for 15 min.
                                   some people have 3 math problems
                                   stmath when you can
                                    *Let me know by Friday if your parents wants to
 Tuesday, May 22:  Read for 15 min., W.R. due tomorrow
                               Study map #8
                               some of you have 3 math problems
                               stmath when you can
                               *Ask parents about ordering book, career day and
                                  chaperones for Stanley Park

 Monday, May 21:  Read for 15 min. Fluency paper due tomorrow, W.R. Wed.
                              Study map #7
                              some of you have 4 math problems
                              stmath when you can
                              *Career Day papers, Stanley Park chaperone list