Daily Homework


Tuesday Reflection Sheet:  Try to read when you can.
                                              If possible, bring in $2.00 to help the defray cost
                                              for our peach project.
                                             *For Tuesday, read chps 1,2 and 3 of The BFG,
                                               :) It's a good idea to learn the vocab words before
                                                  you read the chapter. The list in your folder.
                                            *Final copy of animal report due Monday - most kids
                                             already turned it in (2 paragraphs)
                                            *Please practice mult. facts (return yellow slip)
                                            *Some have fluency practice
                                            *stmath when you can
                                            *W.R. is due Wednesday, try to read it but the
                                              questions are optional because of the holiday

                                             :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I'm thankful for
                                             24 wonderful students & supportive parents, as well
                                             as so many other things.  Mrs. Korzenecki

Monday, Nov 19:  Read for 15 min. (studying animal paper counts for reading)
                              *Study for animal test (no math homework)
                              *New fluency paper is the Thanksgiving poems
                              *Jadden's page is due tomorrow
                              *food drive*
                              if possible, $2.00 for peach project

                               *BRING BACK slip for multiplication letter, thanks!